Saturday, July 17, 2010

Magazine Editing $99.00

Magazine Editing - Compatible with MagCloud.
Send pictures and articles and I'll put the entire magazine together for you! Up to 100 pages. $99.00 editing fee per issue includes the template and 3 proofs.

A 12-Page Template Sample can be seen HERE

The magazine template for MagCloud is not sponsored, licensed or affiliated in any way with Hewlett-Packard or its MagCloud product

MagCloud is a vanity press service of Hewlett-Packard which offers on demand sale of digital editions and single issue printing of magazines on demand for customers. Magazines are printed in full color via HP's indigo printers on high quality standard sized 8.5 x 11 inch paper at a cost of US $0.20 per page. Authors set the cost for the publication and receive profits from the MagCloud service periodically. In addition introduction to the market by new, small publications, the service is used by existing magazines and publications with a more traditional distribution method to make back issues available for sale.